The Northern Travel Gear team is combosed of driven and passionate travelers. All with the same opinion of how important durable travel gear is. Our experience and expertise in how good travel product shall be, reflects the products we have made. Waterproof, durable, enough space, and convenient.

We at Northern Travel Gear have always been comitted to quality. The process of bringing new products to the marked is diligent and detailed. The importance of selecting the roughest and most durable material is huge. We want to make products that the user can have for a long time.

The feeling when you have made a purchase you are satisfied with is good. We have many happy customers. Not just because they are pleased with our products, but because they feel safe when buying from us. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to our buyers. In this way have you as a customer nothing to lose.

Thank you

Northern Travel Gear team



Our product is characterized by these three words - buy it now.